Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 8:15 am


Samantha Jo Simmons

Proceeds from the 2011 Charleroi Little Great Race went to Samantha Jo Simmons.

Samantha Jo Simmons is the only child of Douglas and Tonya Simmons. She was born six weeks premature and was in Magee Hospital NICU for ten days. When she was almost 5 months old she was diagnosed with low grade glioma which is tumors on her brain and spine. One of the tumors has caused her to go blind in her left eye. She has to go to Washington once a month to see an eye doctor. She has to have her good eye patched 2 - 3 hours a day to strengthen her bad eye. People from Early Intervention come to the house to help her get back on track with motor and vison skills. She is behind from being six weeks premature and the chemo also makes her weak.

Because of the tumors' central location and their involvement in the visual pathway, surgery is not an option. Radiation is also not an option because of the location and her age. The dose would be too high and it would be fatal, so she goes to Children's Hospital once a month for chemotherapy. The first chemotherapy is called carboplatin. The tumors usually respond for a while, but eventually they will need to be treated again.

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